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Can't see reviews

I can't see the reviews on the shoes I click show reviews. It says their is no reviews but on my other phone it does. If anyone has help please do.


I ordered yeezy zebras and they never even came. Not anything. Waste of a good $200


The yeezy 350 v2 retail is $220 not $550-$1000

I like this

People saying that yeezys below 550 are fake are you stupid retail is 220 kids plz if your going to write something in the reviews make it true and yeezys do not go for 2000 unless your that desperate.This app is so great the only problem is the shipping but great site bought a pair of wings and they are legit!


Any yeezy under 500$ most likely a scam


Yeezys are $550-$2000 not $200


It is true, but 6 days to receive goods

Too surprise

Yeezy Boost 350 V2, it is very responsible to tell you that genuine Oh, before a little worried, after receiving the goods, too happy

Worst Fake Kicks Ever

I bought the black yeezys and thought it would be cool but they looked super fake and ppl laughed at me.

Nothing there is real 100% non-authentic

Every pair of shoes there are replicas not the real thing.


This a great app for shoe shopping . I absolutely Love my shoes . They came in great packaging with the box and all .and also give you free shades with your order☺️☺️. Will be doing more business with you . Thankss a lot . You Guys this is an great app

Everything is fake. Don't buy

Every single shoe that is on this app is fake. Don't buy anything from this app. Waste of money. You will be scammed.

Not Good don't thanks the risk of buying any from here

I did a little bit of investigation and I saw the FAKE running through every pair of shoes on this app.

Best shopping app

It’s very easy to browse the store and filter down to the items you want and the customer service online is probably the best that I’ve experienced in a long time

Very good app

Offer a nice way to buy a great variety of modern shoes.

good app!

Footwear online store class app, compared with the same type of app, the quality is better, the product shape more features, more convenient to buy, five-star praise!


This is a good app for me and everyone using, I have bought many shoes from it. It's so good.

This is a good choice

I think it's just amazing and I can't explain how much I love it. So many wonderful running shoes are here and really hard to decide which one you like.


Don't be stupid and buy anything from here

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